1.13: Chest placement & item frames

From 1.13, Chests can be placed next to each other. This might offer much more compact storage room layouts. Chest will be combined only by shift-clicking them onto each other like hoppers on chests, but if placed normally on the ground, they can be placed next to each other in any manner. Also, item frames can be posted on the top and bottom of blocks.

Will you re-design your storage area? Where will you put item frames if you place them more compact? Show us your best storage area layout!

4 thoughts on “1.13: Chest placement & item frames

  1. Currently, I used chest – trapped chest sequences, to fill the storage room as compactly as possible.

    Well, with the 1.13 change it’ll be even simpler, but I’ll hardly redesign existing storage (since I can’t retrieve the iron back anyway).

  2. Same here. I think I even have a stack of trapped chest in advance, in “prevision” for future extensions. Oh well..

  3. I use chest then block method, having the option to have a line of single chests without having to put down trapped chests or blocks would be a nice reprieve from having to spend an hour configuring the math for layouts. Also it means you can fit more different blocks in the room, the frames i already place on the front of the chests but they take up the whole front.
    works out nicely.

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