First Achievement mechanics & displays done!

I have finished just now the first work on achievements. What’s done?

  • Basic registrations for new achievements. They have a name, a level (i.e. a quantitative measure), titles for each rank.
  • Achievements are updated so far once a day. Currently it’s possible to be downgraded as well (if money in the bank is one, it can be reduced). Not sure if I want to keep it like that.
  • Achievements are currently visible on the users pages.
  • We have 2 so far, Money (how much is in your account) and voting (how often have you voted in your lifetime.


  • Add many more achievements with fun titles
  • Make nicer achievement badges (can I get some help from anyone with either graphical or CSS skills?)
  • Make a page that lists & explains all possible achievements (done!)
  • Hide zero-level achievements from the users page (done!)
  • Make a reward logic for achievements where possible
  • Make an overall achievement completion statistic per user
  • Integrate achievements into the in-game /who command

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