Back-end improvements, disguises

FYI, I am currently working on improvements on the back-end. The goal is to separate the Donator status from the user level. The first result will be that people won’t be called “SettlerDonator” anymore, but “Settler” and “Donator” separately. Currently, the system works with only one set of levels and this requires people to have 2 different, independent¬† levels at the same time, and eventually more. The ultimate goal is that we can have a set of different levels that can be used to give in-game user rights for specific commands or access to specific things without interfering with other functions. For example, we will be able to give access to lots by group membership or hand out specific disguises by achievements.

This change is quite involved however since the system is working with the current levels in MANY parts of the code and all of those need to be changed. While I have the code reasonably compartmentalized for other things (like deposit etc), the userlevels are spread all over the system. I made some way forward by finding all the functions that change, check or manage userlevels and consolidate them in one file, but now I have to make sure they all can deal with several levels being found for one user and to interpret them dynamically instead of relying on hard-coded terms.

So in effect you won’t see a lot of new improvements in the coming few days but some instances where things break for a bit when I screw up the code :D.

Also, disguises are switched off for now until I have time to figure out some strange issues with the plugin we are currently using. Please stand by for updates there.