Temporary Darklands coming!

So I decided that we will have another temp server the day 1.13 is released. This Temporary server will have the following rules:

  • Only users who are Settler at the day we open it are allowed in.
  • The world will become the new darklands once we upgrade the whole server to 1.13
  • The temporary server will be shut down – no discussions on this one – once we upgrade the main server to 1.13
  • Inventories of users on the temp server will be wiped on upgrade and cannot be transferred to the main server.

12 thoughts on “Temporary Darklands coming!

  1. I can’t wait to go punching trees! ;p
    I hope next DL spawn will also be close to a wide ocean..

  2. so when the heck is 1.13 coming to java <.< I'm growing impatient

  3. I had good hope yesterday when I saw a new launcher being downloaded.. but not, that was only Pre5 coming in ;p

    By the way, they must have changed the way they handle the keyboard, as I have to reconfigure controls each time I switch from 12.2 to 13. People in QWERTY probably don’t have this problem though.

    • BTW frozen ocean have massive amounts of packed ice, a lot lot more than ice spikes. And they probably won’t bee too rare as I found 2 distinct ones around 1000 blocks from my solo game spawn.

      On the other hand, trident and nautilus shell seems to be very rare. It takes 1 heart of the sea and 8 nautilus shells to craft a conduit.. I currenlty have 7 hearts of the sea and 1 nautilus shell.

      On the other hand, sunken ships and ocean ruins are everywhere.. there’s almost too many of them.

      Learning the various species of tropical fishes is great fun.

      The new water mechanics make breaking into your first ocean monument a little more complicated (as you can’t create an air pocket with ladders/signs as we used to do). Once you have sponges it’s easier. I’ve used dynamite to get to the elders, it works fine, but I forgot to place cobble/dirt to reduce the hole and I had to chase one in open water, which should be avoided.

  4. Nice. Also from Pre-2: You can now combine 9 ice to create 1 packed ice. SO when we need more blue ice we can make ice to make packed to make blue. I will see about setting up an ice making area and put my son and daughter to work on making ice when we need more. I pay them by the hour to do work for me so they will be happy to do that.

  5. Oh no! Alley and I will be on vacation when it is supposed to release!

  6. That’s ok Unc wont do anything till Spigot has a release.

  7. I like the fact that the world we,er all in is going to be the DarkLands . What I,m worried about is the hard work we put in the places I are in. I mean I know they will still be there but a lot of work has been put into it. But as long as everything is still there I,m happy.

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