Further 1.16.2 progress

As mentioned earlier, 1.16.2 requires all the save files for worlds to be updated. Given that we have some quite big worlds, this takes a lot of time. It also can fail when small parts of the map become corrupted. Such corruption is the reason we are abandoning the aether.

I am currently doing the following:

  • I am taking a recent backups and make an attempt to upgrade it on my PC at home to 1.16.2 and see where errors pop up. The upgrade console tells me which chunks have unrecoverable errors in them. Normally I have to do this several times since something might not work on the first round but strangely later works fine. This normally takes about a full day.
  • I then go through the logfile and identify where the issue chunks are on the map and if the lot at that location is occupied or not. If it’s empty, I reset the lot on the server and hope this resolves it. I need then to go back to the step above and re-do the whole exercise. If the lot is occupied, I need to check what I can do. So far I did not have this case luckily.
  • If the step above does not resolve the issue, I will need to go back and also re-generate the “mint” world that we use to reset lots and use that to fix this.

So far, I have gone through the process once a couple of days ago. I am right now going through it again. I hope that the problems will all be resolved ASAP. Once this is done we can basically update the server to 1.16.2 since all the plugins seem to be working fine.

2 thoughts on “Further 1.16.2 progress

  1. Thanks again for the huge amount of work you put into this community. We are all very excited about this update but we understand how much of your time it eats. Take your time and we will all still be here when you finish.

  2. Great news. Thank you again for all the hard work you do for the Uncovery family. Hope you and your family are all well during these strange times.

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