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The Ox Tower

It's in King_M4, King_N4_C, King_N4

Here's a few pics of the work in progress:


PS: "Ox Tower" is a nicknamed version of its model, the "Occitanie Tower", a skyscraper project that has been released for my city, Toulouse.

When I have finished preparing the various floors, I will open them for voluntary builders to come and settle in. Each occupant will be able to request 1 or 2 floors of his/her choice and will have all freedom to occupy it while it doesn't affect the general structure of the building.

As an example, here's floor 7 ready to be occupied:

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I have to admit, I've been spying on your project, too. You're drafting it in the Flatlands, aren't you? It's looking good. Happy to lend a hand when it's needed.

Yes, since I was working on a few pics and vids, I had to work on a draft version before going survival. In Kingdom I can improvise the staircases, the balconies, the floor heights and design.. but I needed the creative mode to toy with the general exterior lines and be able to observe it from any perspective.

When the upper floors are ready I will be very happy to have as many occupants as possible to fill the thing, I don't like emptiness ^^. In case of need I'll also be happy to provide materials for the furnishing.