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The Ox Tower

It's in King_M4, King_N4_C, King_N4

Here's a few pics of the work in progress:


PS: "Ox Tower" is a nicknamed version of its model, the "Occitanie Tower", a skyscraper project that has been released for my city, Toulouse.

When I have finished preparing the various floors, I will open them for voluntary builders to come and settle in. Each occupant will be able to request 1 or 2 floors of his/her choice and will have all freedom to occupy it while it doesn't affect the general structure of the building.

As an example, here's floor 7 ready to be occupied:

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I have to admit, I've been spying on your project, too. You're drafting it in the Flatlands, aren't you? It's looking good. Happy to lend a hand when it's needed.

Yes, since I was working on a few pics and vids, I had to work on a draft version before going survival. In Kingdom I can improvise the staircases, the balconies, the floor heights and design.. but I needed the creative mode to toy with the general exterior lines and be able to observe it from any perspective.

When the upper floors are ready I will be very happy to have as many occupants as possible to fill the thing, I don't like emptiness ^^. In case of need I'll also be happy to provide materials for the furnishing.

General building guidance:

  • Between 1 and 3 floors can be granted
  • Floors from 6 to 22 are concerned
  • Contact with me before building, either by ingame pm, website mail or message here below
  • It is possible and advised to visit the tower before chosing the floors
  • Ceiling height is 5 blocks, which makes it possible to build an extra layer of ceiling, if you don't like the current one
  • Ceiling "belongs" to the floor upstairs. One can change the floor to his liking, not the original n+6 ceiling
  • If you have more than one floor, it is allowed to break the interior ceilings to build private escalators or get more ceiling height. Please leave the external white concrete bands though, for esthetical purpose
  • Minor changes to balconies are authorized, including moving the doors to another place
  • For anything affecting the external part of the building, the stairs cage or the interior ladder cage, please consult with me