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New Years Contest

Another year! Time to get busy clearing out those cobwebs because alleywig has a challenge for you!

Challenge: build a tree, a garden, or any plant of your choosing!

Time frame: Jan 1st to March 20th ( first day of Spring).
*Since this challenge runs nearly 3 months there won't be a cut-off date for sign-ups. However, it is REQUIRED to post on here sometime in the challenge time frame to be considered a participant. This challenge is also a bit more casual than the rest, however, expect myself to check in on your progress.

All survival worlds are acceptable areas to build in - except darklands.

Keep the build to an area, don't build at various points along a path. This build can be in/on/ around another build. You can build a housing for this build. It can be above the ground, below, floating - the sky is the limit!

**If you team with another member it will be judged twice as thoroughly.


Bonus points if the build:

  • is incorporated into the area well (themed).
  • has a dwelling incorporated (a room with an entrance).
  • has parkour elements (ability to get atop with jumping skill).
  • has vertical terraformed elements, not built on flat land.
  • stands apart from the surrounding landscape (should be obvious it's a build, no planting a tree in a forest and calling it done).
  • has redstone incorporated.
  • has personalized flair done tastefully (banners, item frames, maps, signs)



1st: Beacon with Pyramid OR an alleywig mini-game on their lot

2nd: Maxed Enchanted Armor OR a pair of Elytra with Mending

3rd: A set of Diamond Enchanted Tools (shovel, axe, pick)

Honorable mentions and winners will receive a banner and named item commemorating the event.


Please post on this thread if you will be participating.

Have Fun!

I've got enough saved up for a Kingdom lot now so I'll definitely be taking part. Gonna go for a landscaped garden although a tree house idea as well could be cool. I'll see what happens.

Not sure whether the mundane needs won't take my time, again.

But well, better begin and do at least something rather than refuse. Count me in.

I’d love to have a go at this. Deal me in.

I already have something set up along these guidelines...  I'm in

I am so in.

Been clearing a huge area for a park/garden on my kingdom lot.  This contest sounds like it will be great.  I want in, please.  Happy Building to all that enter.

I'll be making my own entry but I won't be judging it. Planning on doing something crazy with my empire lot.

This kind of initiative deserves support.. I'll try to submit something 🙂

Yes!!! I'm in!!!!

Never been a part of these building competitions before... count me in, I'll give it a go!

I'll participate!