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Jonno's Kingdom Lots (J14->L16)


I was wondering if Jonno's constructions in Kingdom were safe. There are quite a few hours of work spent there for some impressive result and we might want to save it from reset. Right now it seems that Uncovery is holding them past due limit, but then we did lose Pag's harbour so I guess it's not 100 safe.

Obviously the simplest solution would be for Jonno to login and keep it active like Pinebenj did recently, but life is what it is and we might aswell consider the possibility that he's not coming in for a while, he wouldn't be the first neither the last.

Unc provides us users with a possibility to preserve those constructions: the Dib system. Dibs on kingdom big lots cost 20k per lot and Jonno's main site covers 6 of them, so we're looking on a 120k uncs budget. That's is past my means, but if we organise it between a couple of wealthy users we might be able to keep it safe without putting all our eggs into it.

Concerned lots are:

L15 - L16

K14 - K15

J14 - J15

If anyone already has dibs on some of those lots then it would be nice to know, so that we can focus on the rest.

To stay on the safe side and avoid partitionning, I have already placed dibs on line and small lots that are constructed.

If you are interested then let yourself known ;p

I'm strapped for uncs, but my thoughts are here and I'll help in the future if I get more and runs to crunch time. It says he's a donator as well and has 9.5 months remaining, so we certainly have time before his lots go away.

i have the unc's to save it if someone is wanting to by it later


I need to implement a Dibs list where people can see if someone (and who) has dibs on a lot.

The issue currently is that I do not even know 100% if the dibs system actually works.

When will the lots expire?

Jonno has been offline for 171 days, so that's well beyond the normal 6o day reset for higher ranks, on his profile it says he has 9.5 months remaining on his donator status, so that should keep said lots alive that long.

OK that's good, I completely overlooked the donator status aspect 🙂