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3D Maze in flatland

I built a 3D maze in flatland, based on a 9x9x4 plan I found on the internet.

Every pair of rooms can be joined by 1 and only 1 path in that maze. In 2D those are pretty easy to get out of, as you only have to follow on side of the inside wall. In 3D it's a lot harder to keep track of where you've been and which you have left unexplored. I lost myself in it and gave up. I even doubted wether I had built it correctly according to the plan, so I went back to the paper and figured out the way out, and tested it.. successfully.

So you can still be the first to beat this, as I cheated ;p

3D Maze

Location: Flat_M8, fly 3 lots northwest from spawn. Entrance on the west side, although you can also try it backwards.

I realized that the original path was underexploiting the complexity of the maze, so I changed the entrance and exit.

They're now on the NW and SE corners of the ground floor. The new solution is longer and it involves all 6 directions, while the original one only involved 4.

Enjoy 🙂

Maybe it would be good to have several with increasing difficulty?

Bigdaddyaarn and I tried your maze. He made it through eventually. I eventually gave up. Good job, it is very disorienting.

Totally need to try this next time I'm online!