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A Plan For A New City (Now Hiring)

So, I have recently decided on pursuing the creation of a new city for the Non-Occulto Imperium. This city will be unique in that it will have a much darker and more insidious look to it than the other Non-Occulto Imperium cities look. The city will act as a sort of antithesis for the capital of the Imperium, Heaven's Reach.
The city doesn't have a name yet, and we will worry about that later. What we could really use right now are people that want to help build this city! We can use all the help we can get, so feel free to PM me ingame if you want to help, or make a reply on this thread. Just make sure you contact me, and I'll add you in and get you a project. This will be an awesome project, and I can't wait to build with all of you!

EDIT: I removed the list of helpers since you can already see it by simply hovering over the plot in the 2D map.

Still fairly new to the server, but I'd be interesting in helping out with a group project and getting more involved. :)

Sure! I'll add you in and I'll find you some work you can do.

Well now that schools over, sure ill help when I can, if you want.

Right now, I'm employed in two places and have no free homes, but maybe when I'm done with one I'll come and help. :)

Awesome, Kingoftheschool! And Electric I have you added to the list.

I can help some. But I am still building like crazy in Shanmullach. (the real capitol)

Oh haha you might want to tell Pine about this new capitol ;)
That would be awesome though jonno!

Here is a map download for the walls. Notice every other column has lava.

I was employed by Boxter but now that he's banned (and owes me 2000 uncs) i can help :)

Is this city connected to those cities that IamJohnno has and riedi i think has in the kingdom?

Awesome King! And, it will be, bdogg. Jonno and riedi are working on connecting it.