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A Sad Departure

Hello all. Yes , as this forum thread's title says, it is a departure. I can't bring myself to words at the moment ... so bear with me.

Hi. It is I miner22122. As I have known this community for quite some time now (281 days as of typing), and I know most of you as family instead of friends. I can't hardly stand saying this, but I am "leaving". I have been highly inactive to the point of my lots hanging in the balance (Something I'm not known for until recently). I have been treated better than royalty could ever demand on this server , and am having a hard time doming up with words to this. But I must say some final notes before I comclude into inactiveness. So , I speak my peace , the good , bad and ugly.

-KennyKenz366 : Whoa man , where do I begin? Kenn , you were like a brother to me on this server. You and I are some of the best pals in existance , and I fare the well. I find it ironic that I have a monument to you in Gundahar , saying you were inactive :) Best iof luck man , take care.
-My Architect Crew : The phrase "My" is used loosly :) But this referes to the group of "SeanB , Prowler , and Puttmutt. You guys are like ... like ... there are no analogies for it! You three are like my friends from heaven AND hell at the same time! We all had some laughs , shared some panic and scare , and most importantly bonded. I could not be the person I am today without my three amigos. Best of luck!
Khy and Will_Larson : Will , where do I begin? I want to say that I taught you something , but that would be pushing the limits here :) You are a great redstonist and a great pal. I fare the well
Khy, You are ... are like ... hmm. How do I describe a funny , talanted , silly but slightly building impaired person? :) Come on now girl! I fare the well , and some of my building "skills" XD
tarajlh : Oh , my , gosh! Tara , you are one of the most funniest chicks I have met on the internet (try saying that with a straight face XD ) You have made me laugh so many times , outloud too. My parents would be like "*my name*! What are you laughing at?" I would simply say "The internet has a great sense of humor" Girl , have the time of your life with these people , and I fare the well :)
Sleeping_Owl and u28 : The two geniuses themselves cannot be seperated in a nice word! Owl , you are one of the most intelligent beings I have known ... ever!! You are so wise , and always level headed to where I can't tell if you're making a joke , or making a solid statememt! I definatly fare the well and Wish the best for you and your family :)
u28: The kindness ninja. You don't talk much *or atleast in my chats :)* and are always SO kind. You give things to people who are willing to buy them off the market for thousands of uncs , for free! Anyone else reading this don't take advantage of this wonderful being , he needs all the kindness he has given back times 2. I wish you kindness in return :)
Pinebenj and Daiyamondo : Oh boy , where do I begin? Pine , you are an OUTSTANDING builder! I got all my inspiration from Gundahar directly from you! You are doing an outstanding job , and when I stop bye from time and time again , I want to see enourmous progress! I wish you well with your family and life in general pal :)
Daiyamondo : You can't say NOU to this buddy , you have to be included in this list. Daiya , you provide SO much comedy to the server , and I doubt it would be the same without you. Even when you leave the server for a minute or two , you say the funniest things. like ; "Sanity low , recharging." Or a simple "Tired , bye" They are so random/straightforward that they are funny! I wish you well my friend.
The Elder Cast: This includes riedi , kidcodiwise , kod , XMagnumX , tok and azkedar. You guys are the most random , inteligent , silly , odd , funny group of people who have ever existed on this planet! You guys have solved problems together , made jokes and laughed together , and made the a more ... odd person in general! I wish all of you the best of luck!
Iamjonno and Chrispypancake ; If I were to seperate you two I would be typing all night :) Jonno , Your empire may be so sprawled out it is surrounding Heaven's Reach, and are such a good builder , you may could make dirt huts a new building trend , and you may be insanely smart. But what I know you definatly are , is a great person who owns too many cities :) Jonno , you are a great pal , and I wish you the best of luck
Chrispy! Man , I can't put you to words. You are a great and funny guy , I can't stress this any more than now! I wish you the best of luck
Vixengold and Lukecreative; Last and most certainly not least Vixen and Luke! Vixen , you are a great mother and have a great building style. You don't seem to care what people think and are so level headed , you could stare down a brick wall and make it do what you want! I wish you the best with the children , and want you to be as happy as possable :D
Luke! I wish that park was finished before I left , it would have been nice to see it before I depart , but hey , no rush , keep going at your wonderfully talented pace. You are doing a great job , and are a great pal. I wish you good building and good fortune.
Settlers , Guests and Citizens! I want to thank you for keeping this server fresh and new with happy faces and great building talent. I wish the best to all that are starting out and all of you to come!

Whelp , that about it up. Oh yea!

Uncovery: The man , the head leader , the captain of the guard , the owner of the best server EVER! Man , you are doing a great job , and have so much talent that you made a server with it! Unc , I wish you could play on your server for a day , it would bring me peace :) I wish you well :D

That should be it. I love you all! I wish you well! Adios! miner22122 logging off for the last time. Bye , and farewell!

*PS! I will stop bye once and a while to catch up and see how you are doing , and I will be saying my respects of Sunday May 10th , about 1-2 pm CST. I will hop on to save my lots and possably build some shtuff on Gundahar. I will be fairly absent though , so I want you all to know I love ya! Farewell!
PSS: I cried 3 times while making this , so if doesnt show how much I care , nothing will :)
And if anyone were to make a small memorium to myself *How vain I am!* Please include the phrase "The miner lives on!" So I feel like I havent fully left. Oh boy , here come the tears again. Miner signing off , bye!

I cried reading this. Stay Chill, old friend.

So long, friend. Things won't be the same around here without you.

Aw man, you even made me cry, darnit! You'll be missed, and we will all look forward to you checking in on us from time to time (and I will miss the plot invasions! Though you retain access ;D )

Just you look after yourself, and I think I speak for everyone when i say, if you come back full time in the future, we got your back. Even if you don't... We got your back.

./internet hugs

It was nice knowing you man! I remember the last Christmas we had to together! I became a designer thanks to you to never give up! Btw, why am i not in the list D:

No!!!!!!!! Please don't go. Just keep your account active and take a break. This server is too good to leave. You are too great to leave. Please!!!!!! We will all miss you.

We're all going to miss you so much, me especially. Who's gonna shoot me at the aether lot now? Wish you could stay, but do what's best for your future. It's the only one you have. (there may or may not be something in the works at our aether..js) looking forward to when you check in. -Kenny, The fish stealer.

Damn. this sucks.

Wish you weren't going Miner. I am glad to hear you sill stop in from time to time, but I enjoy seeing you around man.

Maybe you will change your mind?

Either way, I hope everything works out for you. You are a great guy.


Yo.. Who is gonna be the only guy who hits me up and DL now :/ Goodbye homie.

Good luck in whatever you do in the future and come back from time to time to see what Daiy and Pine have done wrong.
Best wishes

My heart stopped when I saw the topic of this post. Miner, we will all miss you! You were an amazing person to have in our community, you truly made it a better place. Also, I know that you have put forth countless hours into your projects on the server, and I would hate to see it go to waste. So I would recommend gifting it to someone who you can trust to stay active with it.

"You are a great redstonist" Pssh, you haven't seen me in action.

Anyways miner, you have been one of my best friends on the server and I will miss you dearly. Be sure to hop back on every once in a while, or in IRC where we can all chat. Farewell!

MINERRRR...... darnit boy, how will i ever finish tearing down all those dang spruce trees now?! every time i approach one with an axe, i'll think "miner placed these dadgum saplings with his very own boxy minecraft hands...." and then will finish the idea by running away from the things crying. :/
you commended us all for being random and funny, but you are prolly the most random and silly of us all! you are so lighthearted and happy, i cannot tell you how many times you unknowingly cheered me up (when i was having a crap day) by typing something completely ridiculous in the global chat. i will definitely miss the positive touch you gave to the server, even if you ARE only an 8 yr old ;P if you think IM funny, just know tht youre TEN TIMES funnier than me :3
i love you to pieces and hope i am on whenever you decide to pop in and say hello. if not, leave a msg with someone. or you could even put a sign up in my house and leave a short msg. like "miner was here" or "u should rly chop those spruces" ^_^ ANYTHING! i will miss you so so so much and regret that i never got to properly introduce you to the irl friends i managed to trick into joining uncovery (wait wat? heh, thats not what ACTUALLY happened...). ik, if they got to meet you, they woulda loved you too ;)
i certainly wish you the best in whatever your heart calls you to do. ;~;

tara <3
PS. DARN! i never found out if you're really 8 or not!!! XD

In reply to poke's post : when you are resigning with so much sadness on your mind , you will forget some great things too :) poke , you are a great pal , but there wasn't anything I did that could have possibly helped you get designer. That was your pure awesomeness showing. I fare the well, and are very proud of you :)

In response to all other posts : Guys , I never had the slightest clue I did anything slightly noteworthy on this server. Things have just gotten stale for me , and I decided to find a greener pasture. That pasture has yet to be found btw , but still , I never felt very ... Important to anything before. Anyway I will hop on as soon as I get my computer fixed , which should be in the near future. I might be back in action during 1.8 , but in the meantime , stay well my friends!

well until then miner my friend! i hope you find a place in this world tht makes you feel important :) we will miss you muchly!!

Miner I am gonna miss you so much man ;( Thanks for always being so kind. You are such a nice person and a great friend. Farewell brother.

Btw I know Im on the list above ;) I missed many people when i took my break. ;)

Of course you're important to us! lol we love ya to death. Got a job for ya when you get your computer fixed. :)

Miner im gonna miss ya you gave me some good advice when i got started and also helped me out and i thank you for it and hope to see you online again soon!!

in reply to miner's latest post: you somehow cheered me up to believe in myself