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About not being online much

This is slighlty out of the topic, but I thought I'd just go ahead and write it here.

I haven't been able to be online nearly as much as I would've wanted lately, and most likely the situation stands for some weeks. The reason is me trying to graduate from UAS by the end of the year.

So I just wanted to say that no, I'm not gonna start getting bored or lazy, I love it here. I will return to my earlier activeness when I have time again.

Yours my dear fellow uncoverians,

Good luck. See you soon.

Best of luck.

And now I find myself in a situation where I can't find time to be online nearly as much as I'd like to, again. This is due to being very busy at work and also designing two buildings (irl :D) and trying to maintain a relationship on my "free time".

I'll stop by from time to time, though.

But worry not, I will return "completely" with a roaring ahoy someday!


Build them in game too! :D

Good luck Esteban. And yes, it would be interesting to see them in game also. :)