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AK's Pastry Shoppe.

This is a new business I'm making to help out newcomers to Uncovery. Mainly just get them bread / cake / pastries in general. Its in the ' Designing Process ' as of now and is in need of a few easily aquired items. If you choose to donate, you will get free cake / a plaque. All that stuff. Here's the things I need :
Dark Oak Wood
Pink Wool
White Stained Glass
Birch Wood
Uncs, incase I buy in bulk.

This is the proper one.

If this is a pastry thing,why aren't any items to make bread or cake on there and just items to build with?

Because I have wheat / sugar / milk / all the fixings. I make them myself. In storage I already have 2 double chests of cakes.

It's gonna be ... kind of like a 50s bakery.

This is a business operated by me and Akium aswell. Send donations to him as he needs stuff aswell. He has a topic called ' Stuff ' making a list showing all forms of stuff he needs for his upcoming city.

Can I donate some cakes?

Um, Sure! We'll give you a plaque aswell.

Still looking at designs from my list. Seems like were going modern build style.

Anyone got any ideas for the actual building? Designs / Colors / Themes. Yeh.

Make it a giant cupcake, with like a huge white/pink swirl on top.

Doing it, thats the best one I've heard.