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Another Night on Uncovery with the Elders





last picture is because kid likes to the pretty colors.

PineBenJ can bring the worst out of anyone! Especially tired, sick kidcodiwise! Don't let these photos skew the upright image of the elders i know all of you have in your brains! Pine is a cheat and a swindler! We do not associate with him or what he stands for. His opinions in no way reflect the opinions of the server as a whole.

This has been a friendly reminder from your local elders.
That will be all


Watching you in jail is fun though.

Hiosa Approved™ ©

So worth it XD.

I have a bad feeling that kidcodi will get me back good for this.

I need to make an annoying punishment function where in 10% of the cases when you place a block, you actually drop it. Or better, it gets placed somewhere else.

for elders that abuse their power :)

I have a dream! That one day I can type /timeout and pine will be jailed and muted. In addition, all of one random type of block on his kingdom lots will be turned into lava sources with fire spread on. Then Daiyamondo moves in with Pine and his family "for the weekend" but NEVER leaves!

"Then Daiyamondo moves in with Pine and his family “for the weekend” but NEVER leaves!"

- worst punishment ever!


I have been seeing this abuse day and night! It must be dealt with! I propose that kddk, the most trustful and honest elder of them all, especially the one named Daiyamondo, who is a complete reincarnation of a noob, receives a new special rank: I R KiTteh, to have the power to rule them all.


most lamest and noob elder,


I love this place.

I even like Pine sometimes.... :p

My vote for kddk.

Seconded ^

I vote too! He is delightful.

But if we vote for KDDK he will start to go mad with power.

I still vote for ''I R KiTteh''! ^ patpat is delusional.

how does a cat fill out his ballot with no thumbs!? AHA!

By using scratch off lottery ticket technology!

Sockso your always thinking.