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Bees farming


It wasn't quite a challenge to find a couple of beenests in Darklands.

It wasn't also much of challenge setting up beenests/beehives, so that bees be both sedated by campfire and safe from getting burnt by it.

However, looks like I see bees, from time to time, vanishing. Since I can't count bees exactly (debug screen doesn't show bee houses' dwellers number), I have an impression that they are vanishing from time to time.

Oh, and they don't get counted by '/headcount', right?

I don't know what makes bees vanish. I don't have any settings that would make that happen.

And yes, they are not (yet) in headcount. I will update that however soon.

Great. As soon as /headcount starts including bees, it might be simpler to watch what happens.