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Bugs & Game issues

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Shop Issue with Enchanted ItemBy Aulu1 Answer · 41 ViewsLast post by uncovery1 week ago
Commands are brokenBy VixenGold8 Answers · 127 ViewsLast post by riedi731 month ago
CommandsBy pigeonofplums2 Answers · 51 ViewsLast post by pigeonofplums3 months ago
Abandoning Aether/Empire lotsBy Stayen2 Answers · 104 ViewsLast post by Stayen3 months ago
1.13 Temp Server is DownBy alleywig1 Answer · 174 ViewsLast post by uncovery7 months ago
Hungry WednesdaysBy Tacobelly791 Answer · 403 ViewsLast post by uncovery9 months ago
User voting out of handBy alleywig · 37 Answers · 951 ViewsLast post by LukeCreative11 months ago
Is server down?By VixenGold4 Answers · 183 ViewsLast post by Emberstorms1 year ago
darklands homesBy floored15851 Answer · 117 ViewsLast post by uncovery2 years ago
Shulker boxBy Ninjasaurus_2 Answers · 127 ViewsLast post by Ninjasaurus_2 years ago
Server CrashedBy Ninjasaurus_0 Answers · 121 ViewsLast post by Ninjasaurus_2 years ago
Cannot /withdrawBy Stayen2 Answers · 113 ViewsLast post by Stayen2 years ago
Starving in gameBy VixenGold1 Answer · 155 ViewsLast post by LukeCreative3 years ago
Minecraft GlitchBy stelum1 Answer · 104 ViewsLast post by stelum3 years ago
Frozen MobsBy VixenGold7 Answers · 118 ViewsLast post by uncovery3 years ago
Spamming Commands BrokenBy Sepengo1 Answer · 107 ViewsLast post by uncovery3 years ago
New Homes systemBy pagreifer3 Answers · 110 ViewsLast post by pagreifer3 years ago