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Darklands 1.13 Subway Biome Planning

Hello all,

Just figured I'd leave this spreadsheet here for planning out the Darklands Subway:

It's got 2 tables, the left is for landmarks such as spawn, spawners, villages, cool land forms and other areas of interest. Just write their coordinates down.

And the right side is for biomes we find. I figured since biomes are large, we can put a rough estimate by making a box around the general area of a biome, so just go find 4 corners and share the highest and lowest values of x and z you find. This can help us figure out where common tunnels across multiple biomes should go in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Nice job luke


Cool.. for reminder, the current DL's spawn isn't exactly at 0,0, I think it's around 300 blocks off

I have some rails stored in my Quad cobble gen at the spawn. It's in the chest labelled "Rail tracks".