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Darklands 1.17

Hi folks,

I suppose there are quite a few willing to build a new Darklands entry area - perhaps we could coordinate our efforts somewhere on forum (due to timezone differences).

Myself, I could spend several hours on that this Saturday (and further Saturdays).

Good luck and good hunting!

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I set up a cave at the portal. Didn't finish around it, but it is a start.


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OK. There is now a supply area and a path to a nice area for a public farm.

Good, I suppose I'll proceed this Saturday.

As my experience shows, the fastest transport system is a packed ice path (2x wide, or 1x + air wide). Boat travels over it with a speed of 40 blocks/second. I already began to use ice roads in my new Darklands mineshafts, very convenient (with a good supply of Ice spike areas nearby, I also have packed ice for that).

Are there any objections against building new long-distance ice paths, to travel fast?