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Donations for Akium's Pyramid

Hello everyone!
As you may or may not know, I have been building a large Mayan-style pyramid in Kingdom lot F9. I am currently struggling to gather the resources lately, and am asking my fellow uncoverians to help me out. If you follow the checkered road to the pyramid, at the end, you will find a hopper donation receptacle. they are labeled with the needed resources; Oak wood, StoneBrick, and Dirt. If you donate, comment on the forum and I will put your name on a plaque on the top of the pyramid when I am done. the more you donate, the more valuable your plaque will be. iron, gold, emerald, diamond etc. Thank you. All donations are appreciated.

I popped in 4 stacks of Oak, 7.5 stacks of Dirt and 18 stacks of Stone Bricks

Why the half stacks?

You bins are full!!

I have more, catch me online and I can get it too you.

Edit, my bad hoppers are slooowww.....

Akium, get with me when you are on. I can give you a ton of stonebrick.