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Faces of Uncovery

Someone on the server has built a room he calls "Faces of Uncovery". It gave me the idea to make a forum post of a similar type. Ever wonder what your fellow Uncoverians look like? Post a picture here and let them see you!

...AND after a few beverages at the Tok residence we're ready for a group photo! ...Yours truly on right, my good buddy Comeelio in the middle, and "Mrs. Comeelio" on the left. Partay!

This is me.

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Wild shot. Patrick Greifer?

Oh,here's me.

I cant seem to get the image to post up.

dang it.

has to have [.img] before and after the image link. use imgur,look for that format.Without the dot in it.

[.img]The Sty Drunk[.img]

there ya go. 3 of me hanging out in the pub in my house.

na, paul greifer, oh and i approve of the redsox shirts. :)

I can see into your soul

Jonno do they card in your pub?

You hear me say, "I must walk my dog." Well here is the one that can get me away from the game.
Where's the cat?

.....most interesting forum post ever! X3

oh, and your dog is just so adorable owl :)

riedi is so sexy omg ;)

This is me sipping some local cider this summer.

I forgot to shave in this picture, but I'm sure you all can understand...


I'm glad this post is going as well as it is. :) Thanks to all that have shared!

Drea's not a real life ewok?? Gasp!