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Faces of Uncovery


Chrispypancake looks exactly like I thought he would. He's handsome.

oh, um, i think i just ate one of chrispy's cousins for breakfast this morning.....

Bet they were so...delicious.

You can find me on facebook but ill post a picture here soon

how do you post a picture?

use an image uploading site and use a forum format code,usually has a [.img]URL[.img] <-no dots or URL.

In the "Reply To: Faces of Uncovery" text box below there are buttons that run along the top. The sixth button over is "img" (I assume for image file). Push the "img" button and insert the http:// of your picture that SleepyStrangeKid tells you to do (you can practice pushing "img" and cancel), then select ok. "Submit" your reply your picture will be visible.

wow i failed XD


Theirs an edit button at the top right of your comment box.

ok folks be prepared to use bleach to wash out your eyes lol


Clas, you look like someone I knew a while ago, but I can't remember the name of the person...

I had no idea Bdogg73 was a smartphone camera!

Me. Yes I wear suits. :)

I found out my old picture came down as I stupidly deleted images from my website, so I'll upload these elsewhere. The Darth Vader was my original picture Enjoy.

Yup that's me. My last name may not be Skywalker, but hey, it's me.

Im currently at work i promise..