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Faces of Uncovery

I look pretty much exactly like my minecraft skin, I have the shirt that says "NERD" and everything, including the permanent dumb grin.

Edit: I just noticed the beard doesn't show up on the avatar here.


The one that wiggles.

hey alright this is me

Ginger_snaps-at home in my chair. My son, Epic_Tacoslapp got me started playing minecraft. We love Uncovery!!!

Pic of me about... a while ago. Many months. Possibly a year or so I dunno, but since I never change really, it's pretty accurate. Hair's no longer pink underneath though, at least for the time being.

Me and baby Deanna.

Husband and baby Deanna.

Daughter Kimi(KimiJean) and son Zachary. They are the reason why I do not get on TS.

BloodKitten and ber boyfriend. She will kill me when she finds out I posted this picture.

Last of all. My Dragons. They are much much bigger now.

Trying this again, with a little help from a friend. =)



me ft. tuxedo stroke


ok apologies in advance for any heart attacks i cause.......






TigerZoune, our daughter, and Me.

Me and the little dude.

Me playing MineCraft in my mum's garden, back in 2008 (I hesitated to post this in the other topic ;p):

stephdeg playing MC in 2008

Yeah I know.. a shovel is better for dirt. Well I was a newb back then.


Somewhere in park, in the spring
Somewhere in a park, in the spring. It's "selfie", so please don't laugh a lot. I usually amis the one who takes shots - there are few photoes of me.

Keep the youngest away, here's my first ever facebook profile pic:

"Hello, do you want to be my friend?"

Edit: another profile pic:
Steph 3D