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Farewell, Uncoverians!

Yes, it is my time.

Goodbye to all, farewell friends.
I will see you in another place.
I'll miss you, oh yes I will
But don't worry, just chill.

I want to give a special thanks to these few people: Sleeping_Owl, ginger_snaps, bdecima, iamjonno23, stayen_er_metuar, and of course, Uncovery.

Thank you all.


Sorry that you have chosen to leave us. Stay cool buddy!

I don't know you wicked lego, but sorry to see you go. Now I'm curious about these rides. :)

Goodbye wicked, thank you for sharing your journey and for introducing me to in game streaming. I will pass along your materials. I still expect to see you again :)

Thanks, Sleeping! :)

Goodbye, neighbor. I will enjoy the rides from now until the reset happens. :)

You made me feel like visiting.. cool stuff Wicked, thanks for passing by :)

@bdecima Dont worry, I'll do a quick log every month to make sure it stays.

@stephdeg Lol, just have Sleeping TP to bdecima.

No need to bother the owl or any elder for that, your lot's not that far from spawn ;)

If I wrote "cool stuff" it's because I've been there and did the rides of course!

Make sure you visit, or i'll send in the Owl. You've been warned.