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Fatal Errors

Since a few days the website shows a few fatal errors and you cant withdraw items in game as fas as i can see. Also the /depotlist command would not work.

Hi Riedi. I upgraded the PHP version and did not catch all the items that need change. I fixed some of them, please let me know if you run into additional errors.



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Thanks for your efforts, @uncovery

Things that I found not working: depots, shops, money - related commands.

/home commands seem to work.

To the best of my knowledge, Wordpress can be very sensitive to changing PHP versions. Good luck!

Hello Unc

Thanks for fixing and refreshing the game and site! Those are other commands I've found not working yet.

/uncs, /bottlexp, /who, /lot <add/rem> [lot_id] snow/ice, /lot <add/rem> [lot_id] member, /home buy

Have fun and thanks again

I found the culprit but and fixed it! Let me know if there is anything still not working!