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Flash Back: September 2014

A few pics from the great disaster of september 2014, for those who were there: after a HD crash from hell, the Darklands and the Nether both were lost and regenerated with identical seed. The DL was the previous set-up, with Mesa spawn, which was later lost again (in a scheduled way this time), but the Nether is still today as it was rebuilt after this "rebirth".

Complete DarkLand reset..

The Nether was reset too..

Those pics were taken on september 22nd, after several days of complete blackout. Hopefully, the other worlds were able to be restored, with only a couple of days rollback.

Here's a pic of a tower I had built on my empire lot:

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..and the same tower after the crash:

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I don't regret losing that, as I changed my mind and built my rugby ball on that base:

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