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FPS (Client Side Lag) Help


Some people have mentioned client side (FPS) - not server side (TPS), lag in areas of larger builds, like the city or my glass house in the kingdom. Large builds and glass are not handled well by minecraft in large quantities but there are easy steps you can take to fix this. FPS lag is primarily caused by minecraft's poor memory management, TPS lag by the fact that it runs everything on a single thread (core). While TPS can be significantly improved by the pain staking process pushing plug-ins and other functions to the other cores on a typical quad core processor, improving FPS is quite simple to fix.

Traditional Method: Get a higher end computer with a top of the line graphics card (or more, my water cooled system has 4 top end graphics cards). Not recommended, this is stupid expensive, but it works. I am told my lot almost crashes other players system, but I don't see any difference and don't even realize this when building

Research: I recently experienced crushing FPS lag on my system when I completed the design for my kingdom lot in a single player draft world. I could barely move and it took almost 30 seconds to eat a single fish. A system analysis showed my processor at 5%, my memory at 9%, my hard drive at 2% and my graphics cards at 19%. No reason for the FPS lag. I did some research and found out it is the insanely ineffective way minecraft limits itself on memory. It limits itself to only 1-2 GB regardless of your use or amount available. I allocated more memory to minecraft and when I logged back in, it worked better than it has in ages. My FPS was sky high.

Cost Effective Solution: You can increase the amount of memory available to minecraft by doing the following:

1. Open the minecraft launcher

2. Go to launch options

3. Click on the launch option you use (for me it is Forge 1.12.2)

4. Go down to "JVM arguments" and switch the box to "on" (green - move it to the right side)

5. In the now white box (it was grayed out before) add the following: -Xmx?G -Xms?G

Add it in that order. If your box already has text in it, look for the -Xmx part and overwrite it with the text above.

The ? is the variable. You will need to put a number here. This is how much memory you are giving to minecraft when it is running. -Xmx?G is the MAXIMUM number of GBs minecraft is allowed to use. -Xms?G is the STARTING amount of memory minecraft will use. It is very poor at actually using any more memory than it starts with, so I recommend that both be the same.

You need to know how much memory you have. For me, I have 32GB. Most computers use about 1-2GBs on background stuff. I recommend you leave a nice buffer of at least 4GBs untouched. Minecraft usually uses a maximum of 2GBs, so if you have 6GBs or less total, ignore this thread. If you have more, dedicate any over 4GB to minecraft as you wish by putting the number where the ? is. For example, I gave 12GBs to minecraft by using -Xmx12G -Xms12G

As soon as I did this, my Kingdom lot design (or lots - it covers 9 main lots and the associated mini ones joining them - for a total of 25 lots) was FPS lag free and fun to run around. Plus it looks epic on water lots. Even going from 2GB to 4GB in minecraft has huge performance improvements in areas that cause client side (FPS) lag. If you have a low end graphics card, it will still take 20 seconds to do the initial rendering, then you can run around without any lag issues.

Please consider this as I love large builds,glass is gorgeous, and this will allow you to enjoy it as well. I have uploaded a pic of my goal. Thinking of having a reward based challenge for users to design and build some of the out buildings after I get the base layers complete.


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Great manual on how to fix FPS. I linked to this here from the Lag Page.

I must say that I love the glass and light set up.  It blew me away.  My kids loved it too.  My 4-year-old kept telling me Easter egg.  Man, I thought I had a lot of endurance on building.  I saw your outlining on the map and was trying to figure out what you were doing.  I can not wait to see the finished city, it is going to look incredible.  I love looking at other people's builds like yours, it inspires me to try better.  That city is going to be a true work of art.

Thanks for the tip on increasing the game memory.  My husband did this to my computer months ago and it helped out a lot.  I sure others will find your info very useful.