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Free Diamond Blocks!

In the Kingdom, on my lots, I have hidden 2 signs with a code word to claim a free diamond block if you find it. Each month there will be 2 new signs placed. When you find a sign, send me a message via postman, and the first one i get will get the free diamond block.

There is one sign in Southern Shanmullach, and one in Kawasumii. The longer you wait, the more we build there and the harder it gets to find. There are subways to each city from the station just off spawn in Kingdom. Not a far walk either, so start hunting!

I kept it somewhat easy this month, and the signs are above ground, and not randomly hidden on the lot. That is, they are not in a cave or buried. They can however be anywhere in either cities boundries.

I may make it harder later on and give away a beacon or something depending on how this month's hunt goes, and how many people look for it.

Happy Hunting!

Hm.. the gunman will be looking.