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FREE kingdom lots

I have a list of kingdom lots I'm willing to give away. Some will come with roads while others won't and will be kept in my name or someone else's for the time being. They are yours to use however you see fit. They are

K_12 - Mushroom
L_12 - Foresty
J_13 - Mayan Temple
G_14 - Ocean
G_15 - Ocean
H_15 - penisula

List what you would like to own and it will be my decision if I decide to give to you.
If you try to suck up to me,I will automatically deny you the lot.

Ooh, I would love J_13 if it is still available, please!

Thank you!

Next reboot in 6 hours and it will be yours.

Awesome, thank you Akashiya!!

Hey akashiya - thanks a lot for that offer.

k_12 and l_12 i would like to take and could you please give me permissions on m12_c and m11-b?

Been done.

Ocean lots and Peninsula is all thats left

I'll take them if they are unwanted. I love jungles.

Been done. Thanks for replying everyone.