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Friendly Reminder

tl;dr Mature server; Grow up

We advertise this server as an "idiot-free, mature community". Lately this has not been the vibe of the chat flow and attitude. Players shouldn't cringe at what is being said on a mature server. So saying "YO MAMA!" or calling people "buttholes", for example, are not okay behavior in any sense for global chat. Say whatever you want in regional or PM. The mute command has been revamped to have more of a warning mute time option, and i'm sure most masters/elders won't mind utilizing it when they begin to get irritated. We aren't asking for a silent chat, just one that isn't spammed with nonsense a majority of the time. And by all means, this isn't trying to take the fun away from the players who chat more than they build, it's to help out the users who may get irritated by useless chatter back and forth for longer than it should. Especially with the excessive use of the /me command.

Also don't crucify someone for asking a question that is on the website. Even though you may have the website memorized, someone who is new will definitely not know what is and what isn't explained on the site. Simply tell them that it is explained on the website and maybe give a brief description of its location if you know off hand. However, some players are just help vampires at heart so they need a little more of a nudge to shut up and look for themselves. Remember that the /ignore {player} command can work wonders.


This isn't a single night rant, it's a documented observation that had some major points that deserved addressing.

Please don't be offended if you are an offender of any of these, just realize what the problem is.



^^^^I agree.


Any questions or issues would be gladly addressed if they do arise.

/ignore command does work wonders.

I've always liked you Kid.

Well said kcw, ironic that tonight I found chat particularly tiresome.  A private suggestion to move to Skype made a marked improvement (note to self - remember to suggest Skype.)  I had not seen this post when I made my '/ignore' private comment to you.  It does work wonders.


If a member is not logged into the website, then they cannot see "Recent Comments", "Forum Comments", and "Forum Replies" on the right side of the home page.  I am afraid many of the players this topic is addressed to never see it.  I saw you suggest to check out this new post in chat and I even missed seeing it the first time I looked.

I agree with kiddy!!!

I will admit I use the normal chat (/ch g) to rant off random thoughts but I fin it usually is things that people care to know like how my foot itched and how zwiehander is awesome music. I can't think of anything else as of now but because I type this from my bed after I just woke up(that's right I check my forums from my bed)

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While I do not mind such posts as above, I am quite confident that they do not change anything. People don't change because you rant here.. You can teach someone not to swear. You can ask them to read the website. You need to talk to them. Or ban them.