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Full Out "Share the Wealth" Giveaway

Hello fellow Uncoverians. I am miner22122 , and I have *for the most part* left the server. I realized one day that I do not want to waste the uncs and wealth I own , so I have decided to give it all away. This includes;

7 Stacks and 40 Diamonds
36 stacks and 52 Lapis Lazuli
6 Stacks of Gold
11 Stacks and 49 Iron
27 stacks Redstone + 64 Redstone ore
and "Nobody cares about this item so I didnt count it" stacks of Coal

This also gives away 37k uncs , and access to ALL of my lots *minus Kingdom o10 , sold to lilroc , and procedes went to the unc stash*

All you have to do is enter your name , state why you want to obtain the wealth. Remember , If I do not obtain ATLEAST 10 entries , I will have to give it to a person at random , which will more than likely be an older , trustworthy member , so Settlers and Citizens NEED TO APPLY FOR A SHOT.

I do not judge by rank , age , sexuality , race , or anything. Reasons only.

"You know what (Uncovery) , you were fantastic , simply fantastic. And you know what? ... So was I!"
-Christopher Eccleston , the 9nth Doctor *Dr Who*

Take care! -miner22122

Miner talked to unc go ahead and gift the lot.
Thanks lilroc17

i really wanna win this because i like to build and the things will help a lot for the building and i try to build cool things.
mikemike 64

I would gladly accept this because I always need redstone for my projects and have to go mining every time in the DL (stupid zombies), and i also need more beacon blocks. And the coal would work very well in my auto furnaces scattered between my lots. Uncs can go to someone else or i can distribute myself.

Oh and I can use the lapis on Luke's lot. >:3

Bye Miner!
It has been a pleasure meeting you and hope that one day you return. I am not posting to receive anything, so count me out.

Enjoy life beyond the blocks!


i think i should get it all since well,i like hoarding stuff! (even though im not playing haha)

I want to carry on your legacy, my old friend.


If you gave me anything I would put together starter packs for new people that just start out. Wood, cobble, coal, food, glass, stuff for armor and tools, and so on. I sometimes give out starter packs and any items donated would help out a lot. I would be able to give out more starter packs. Any items would help out. Would not want any lots or Uncs, just items to help. I think that people starting out would need the items more. I could even start an article stating who got each pack and what was in it. These started packs will be given away in your name.

I will miss you my friend.

I would like to inherit your wealth because I am working on very large, expensive project currently ( See Kingdom lot T6 ), and I need funds to hire some helpers and buy materials.

Working on a large and complex project currently in the kingdom, the extra mats and money would come in very handy.
Also sorry to see you go hope some day you will decide to come back -hug-

Hey Miner, sad to see you go man. Out of all of the things there, I'd probably take a lot and 3-4 stacks of the diamonds you have, so ya know, so some others can have it aswell. I'd have to choose a lot first, I've been trying to get a double chest of diamonds and this would help me further myself.


I would likely spread the love, minus the diamonds (cause hey shiny, and I burn through armor FAST), as for the uncs, they would be put towards expanding my Elven lots in Kingdom, or helping out people who need a few uncs to get stuff done as I have done once or twice in the past.

Really, I would love to see you hoard it for your glorious return, but if you will insist on giving things out for free, it is rude not to accept right? Right?


Also, I have plans for the thing in the reminder. Definitive plans. Of the secrety secret kind. Yeah.

I would take all the coal because I care about it. Don't neglect Coal! I also like coal because you can make coalblocks which are black. As black as the night sky with tons of clouds - which isn't really a reason... I... I would build... a monumental Coalblock... underground... with googly eyes... yes, googly eyes.
It would also have a Bow Tie... and a Fez... Cool Coalblocks wear that nowadays.

<insert a picture of some dude which holds a coalblock next to his face and says "My Coal" or something in that style (I tried to draw with Photoshop but then I realized I never worked with Photoshop to an extent where I learned how to draw a picture of some dude which holds a coalblock next to his face and says "My Coal" or something in that style...)>

Of course some would go into the Starter Kits Vixen puts together since it's a nice Idea.

I think I'll just help everyone else with projects if I get this, seems like the best idea.

If you want to pass anything over to me to hold for you I can do that. Otherwise, I can use the lapis ad coal in a project I have planned.

Better would just be to stay and play with us, but I get the needing a break thing too buddy.

Hope all is well sir Miner.

If I were to receive the goods, I would put most of it into getting new players on their way without having to spend hours getting to a starting point. I like Vix's idea of starter kits, so I would donate some to her as well. As for the iron, I would keep that, because, well, iron!

Edit: Overall, I am pretty set on the server, so do not give to me unless you feel it is absolutely necessary.