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getting started

hi. i'm new to this server. i have whitelisted myself, applied successfully to become citizen. Got a plot, went to darklands to gather some resources... and got hit, shot, blown up, drowned and once starved to death. tell me. how can a newbe do anything in darklands. in order to get any decent gear, i need to mine. in order to mine i need to get underground. but for that i need light. now, only sources of light in darklands, as i found out, are glowstone, laps, and lanterns.

how, for heavens sake, a newbe with stone sword and no armour, can gather enough glowstone (i do not even mention lanterns) to do some decent mining.

it may be all right for all you guys who has been on this server for ages, you have lots of stuff to get digging. but me? no chance.

could you guys give me some advice what should i do? because maybe i'm missing something...


darklands is tough when first starting out. I, too, died multiple times while trying to explore there in the first couple weeks of starting.

Though, to start out:

1) mine the lower levels of your plot in the empire to find some diamonds and build better gear.

2):get some enchantments on your gear

-  either through an enchant table (which, if you don't want to build one, there is one near the entrance of the                         darklands)

- or ask around for someone who has villagers to trade with for enchant books.  (Luke is always happy to have                        people visit his villager shop 🙂

after that, you should be good to go for finding some glowstone in the nether.  Make sure one of those enchantments is fire protection.

To be honest, i did not thought of digging in my plot >.< It makes a lot of sense. Thanks i shall do that 🙂

Voting for the server, 5 sites listed on the side of the webpage, will bring you a min of 8oo uncs, in game money.  With each vote, you also get an item.  These items can be more uncs, armour, food, saplings, and more.  With the uncs you get from voting you can buy armour, food or even diamonds in the shop.  To find items in the shop do /find (item name), such as /find diamond, or /find diamondchest, /find seeds.

I think I remember reading that statistically, each chunk (16x16 zone) holds 3 diamond ore. Each empire plot holds 64 chunks -> ~192 diamond ores. If you want to optimize that you might want to silk them or leave them alone till you get hold of a fortune III pick.