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Goodbye forever!

After much thought I have decided to quit minecraft forever. It has been fun playing on this server and I will miss all of you. It is not any of your faults that I am leaving, it is just because I play minecraft too much and it is messing with my life. Uncovery, I would like to wish you good luck with the server. i have bleft all of my kingdom plots to bugsy.


Dang, that was sudden of you to leave, sad to see you go man, had lots of memories with you, good luck in life!

NNnnnnoooooooooo. Please do not go batman. Who will take care of your horse? :(

vixen if you want you can have my dl mule cause i dont have a horse

Awww, it's sad to see you go, but that's a very good reason to stop playing. I do hope it doesn't end up being forever, though. Maybe in another season of life, you'll drop back in and say hello. Best wishes to you and all your activities!


I do not use horses but thanks. Please check in at least to keep your land. Maybe just taking a break would be good. Many take breaks and come back.

yes vixen i will probably continue to donate to keep my lot and if anyone wants my mule in the dl they can have it, it is in the tunnels in the stables