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Goodbye my friends

I know I've been gone for a while now, but now my farewell is permanent. It wasn't anything anyone did, it wasn't anything that was done. Granted the whole issue with Akmeximo or Vector or whatever you would like to call him didn't help much, but he didn't keep me from Uncovery I chose to go and spread my wings on other servers. I am currently playing on a server that I am happy with. I have met the love of my life on this new server and have made such an impact on the community here it seems that they have made me an admin. I have Uncovery to thank for teaching me the ways of Minecraft. This was my very first server. A fact of which I am very proud. I got to know some amazing people. Many of whom I miss very much.
Owl, my wise guidance throughout the days, you taught me the ways of the whales :). Bugsy, my bestest gal pal, you taught me how to make fences that's for sure XD. Hyland, you taught me that building underground isn't so scary, the water slide was the best. Bacon, BACON!! lol, I had to what can I say? Spock, automation isn't so bad, and it's good that I accept that as my bf is a big redstone master. Jonno, bigger is always better, and I remember the church; was it a noodle, I can't remember? Alley, I still can't build a mountain, but I'm not afraid to try. Poke, it is a travesty that you haven't made Master yet XD. Steph, you were so kind to me, I learned that servers are not a scary place when you find the right one. Pine, I learned to never stop building, and I never have. lil, you were so fun to talk with; I still think about some of the fun we had with Owl and our other friends. There are so many others who made my time on this server rich with good memories. Many of whom no longer play also. I miss them just as dearly as I will miss all of you.
Finally, a word to my first Server Lord. The great Uncovery. To you I owe much. You have the undying task of hosting this server for those who play. Sadly, you have little time to play, and that is very unfortunate as well, but I owe all I am as an MC player to your server, for that I thank you. I thank you also for your constant dedication to keeping it running as it does. I feel that, as I take my steps into the seat of an admin who is close to the owner, I have learned to do my best and how to be fair based on your example. I hope that you again find the time to play the game, as I am only one of six others including the owner, I will have that precious time. I hope to see this server up and running when MC becomes just another game.
That seems to be everything. I still keep in contact with some who still play here, which I am glad for. I have gone through the process of gifting all my kingdoms to Bugsy. If that has not happened then something is wrong, but I'm sure I performed the process properly, for they are no longer in my possession. My may pop in to see what's become of the place, but no more than a few minutes here or there. Take care my dear, dear friends. I will miss you all so much.

Much love,
library_witch713 aka libby

I will miss you friend.

Best of luck out there, don't be shy and remember to visit or message us at sometime or another! Thanks for your time here! It was a pleasure Minecrafting with you!

Ah I was hoping all this time that you'd come back one day :)

(after all when I came to the server I was hoping for almost a full year that my neighbour Chenoa would become active again, and that happened ;p)

All the best to you, I was glad to have you as a neighbour, you surely had an interesting empire lot. And thanks for passing by and letting us know that you're happy somewhere!

Glad to hear you've found something good in life, LB. That's all that matters in the end
Travel safe and live well :)

I wish you luck, I am glad that all that coal for the huuuggee tower won't go to waste :)

Good luck in reality. We all belong to it, after all.

Took you long enough! But thanks for not being a tease any longer. Nice eulogy. See you!

goodbye lib i will miss you