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As some of you may know, I have barely been playing the server. This has nothing to do with the server being boring or the users. This server is the best server in the entire Minecraft realm. The users are amazing and kind. Accepting everyone of all ages and gender. A true place of love and kindness. Sadly, it is my time.
I am now 14 and living a happy life full of tennis, hanging with friends, and the occasional sweet talking to girls ;) Minecraft and video games in general cannot fit in my schedule anymore. I'm more happy hanging out and being outside then being in my room playing video games.
I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. YOU ALL have changed me. Every single one of you. You have changed me for the better. Sleeping_Owl has taught me about his life and choices. Will_Larson has made me love tennis even more. Tar_Bender taught me about life. Khy has taught me how British men who like soccer are hooligans. ;) Those are just a few, but EVERY SINGLE one of you have made this community a better place. You just being on is bettering the server- Said by Sleeping_Owl during a long skype call. Most of all thank you uncovery for putting your time in effort into this amazing server. Thank you for being the best server owner ever. :D

You all have changed me. I am more creative and happy. Thank you for everything. The people of uncovery are special, smart, noble, and kind people. Here is too many more years of building with friends and good times. :)

Sincerely, thegypsyminer

PS. I will still come on once a month to say hi. <3 I will be donating all of my stuff to people. :)

Bye Gypsy! Enjoy the sweet talking.

Keep your stuff and make sure you come on every month to keep your lot and stuff. Give some time before you decide to give everything away. You never know if you will be back. You might even find a girl that plays minecraft also that you would want to bring to Uncovery. I have seen people take a break before and come back. I have even taken a break before for several months.