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I have been wanting to do a Greece project for sometime and are looking for people interested in this project. I know that their are people interested because individuals have wanted pinebenj to start that project after he is done his medieval build. I have discussed it with him and he is unsure if he will be able to work on it after finishing medieval. So i have decide to take the lead to start a build centered around the theme of Greece. My plan is for one or two lots filled with great Greece content. Details of exact buildings are not yet know, and are open to suggestion. I still need to get the money for the lot so if interested in donating pm in game and then donate so i know you have an interest. donation is not required just will take longer to accumulate the money for the lot XD. I have no restriction on who is allowed to build, all are welcome presuming they come willing to work and want to work towards the goal of completing the lot. I hope you consider joining is pursuit of build a great Greek kingdom.

I have purchased the a single lot for this build. D15. Construction can begin at anytime. i will make an annoucment on server of when we have officially started, most likely in a day or two. still looking for more people who are interested in helping.

I would like to participate, should I find time at some point.

I have a greek themed survival lot myself, nothing fancy tho.