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Greetings from a New Settler!

So, I was focused on taking the quiz after walking to my lot, and I didn't notice the time passing…my character was made into a mortal settler just as the sun was setting. In the middle of nowhere with no supplies whatsoever. XD

But anyway, hello everybody! I'm pretty introverted so I set up out in the middle of nowhere, but if you want to hang out I'm at emp_C11. :) I like ancient or medieval style buildings with fancy realistic architecture, so that's what I'm probably gonna make.

Nice to meet you Arachnakid. If you ever make it to the Kingdom world then there are some good medieval builds there. My build is a harbor city in progress called Eagle Bay. If you want big and fancy, then check out Heavens Reach. Its a massive 4 kingdom lot city project headed by one of our Elders.

Look forward to seeing you around!

Hello and welcome Spiderchild.

May you have fun and lots of builds on this server. If you ever need material, I can supply a bit.

@pagreifer: Sounds cool, I will have to check that out!

@JoBilly: Thanks! :3

Hello Arachnakid. With the location of your lot it seems like you might have come pretty close by - or maybe even through - my lot (J14) on your way there. Did you notice a build mostly just consisting of outlines in cobblestone, and what's actually been build looking kind of Nazi-like? (dominated by vertical elements and bare grey walls - it's going to look less Nazi-like when I add some more details, I promise :D )

Anyway - welcome to the server. I'll probably come by your lot for sight seeing sometime when you've got some building done :)

Welcome to Uncovery Arachnakid! I'm relatively close by to your lot, just 7 lots to the east I think. I own emp_c18, so it isn't too long of a walk. Hope to see you around :D

Pagreifer forgets all about Southern Shanmullach, a medieval celtic city, and Kawasumii, a medieval era asian city that flank Heaven's Reach.

They are much more impressive..... :p

And welcome! I hope to see you around.

We all welcome you!