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Had to change my skin

Well, about a week ago I got an email from Mojang, a real email, that someone was messing with my account so it got locked until I could get back on and change the password.  I typed in where to go instead of using the link and it was legit.  I was hacked.  I thought it was caught before any changes were made until today when I noticed that my skin was changed.  I did not have a backup copy of my past skin, loved that skin.  I did a search on Amazon Minecraft skin and was only getting websites for stuff on  So I decided to go for a whole new look.  I found a nice skin on Planet Minecraft.  I am now a Fire Goddess.  I really like this skin a lot better.  I just looked at a few skins, but they have tons of really nice skins.  Like the new skin but not happy that I was hacked.

That sucks but at least you got it all sorted. I don't think I was so lucky with my old account but that was because I used the same email and password for everything so the login was never difficult to remember. Since losing it I've learnt my lesson.