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Happy Cake Day! :D

365 days later, I'm still here! Thank you all for the hours of great times and company! From settler to elder and I couldn't have done it without all of you! Thank you Uncovery for being so dedicated to the server, despite your sometimes hectic life.
Cheers to 365 more!

KidCodiWise, The Customer Service Elder


And to celebrate, I will now ban SleepyStrangeKid! Only room for one kid around these parts

so you are giving everyone of us presents right?

I want diamonds lots of diamonds. Congrats on your first birthday. Are you in training pants yet? lol. Congrats again

Hey, isn't Akium a cake¿ He looks pretty tasty¡ -sent from my IPod touch on tapatalk¡ (With upside down punctuation¡)