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Health & Playing

Ok, here goes....................
First i am going to apologise for my tardiness in the last recent months, people who do know me know i call this builders block but i think it should be time for some truths.
I am having a really bad time with my health and it disturbs my play in the game for about 2 days at its worst a month, i have been building like a crazy person the last week because i finally got some time away from my health issues.
The reason i am writing this is because i have a very large moral streak and a guilt complex, I, as a master, feel i have been letting the server down because i have not been on as often as i should have and want to be. I am hoping that after november things should pick up and i will be at least in a semi functional order to build again.


You do not have any obligations towards this server. Nobody has. Your health always comes first.
You (and everyone else) should be here because you like it and because it fits time-wise into your lifestyle, nothing else.

There are 1000 more important things than minecraft and this server in all our lives. And if it's only to stop playing to get lunch.

Your only obligation is to have fun playing here, nothing else. And that's towards yourself, not towards the server.