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I just joined up and made it to Settler status, but it's frustrating because the moment I got Settler, a child zombie appeared and started attacking me - in the middle of the day.  I waited for day light to do the last step.

Now, my lot is 1,700 paces from spawn, and by the time I get half-way there, I'm so hungry I can't run anymore.  Since I can't break any blocks in any other lots, I can't prep by making a sword or any tools.

So, am I just f'ed?  Kind of feels that way.  I don't think I can tele there, because I'm a settler now and couldn't set my home tele spot before I got killed.

Welcome :) We got it figured out eventually.

My first day here tc had to help me back to my lot since I got shot, blown up and fell in lava on the way back...

Through the lot acquisition process it gives you a chance to teleport to your lot and then you must set a home with the /sethome command. Use /help to see the whole list of commands. You must buy your first home. In your case you can set your home as a checkpoint in case you die, and then just start up from where you last set your home.