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Hey Psiber!

For some reason, you bought all the available road lots around my kingdom lot this morning? About a week ago, Kevinpowelaz agreed to sell me his kingdom lot to the south, and I was waiting until it was transfered to me, to buy that road lot between us (J11_C), to extend the city we are building. I didnt try to buy it because the website says I have to own 2 regular lots to buy a road lot.

_one_above_all_ also bought the lot to the west, and we were also going to need that lot (K10_B) between us to extend that direction. Again, same thing, I was waiting to get the other lot transfered to me before i bought these lots.

Just wanted to know if i can buy them from you when Kev's lot is transfered to me? those lots dont border yours, and i really will need them. I cant see any reason why you would buy and need the 3 other road lots around my lot? I know we were joking around about a war between our alliances, but can I please buy those lots from you?


You win. Please list the terms for me to aquirethe property....



Isn't it funny how we is all talk for war and bluster up until someone actually marches several hundred troops onto your doorstep...

The terms are unconditional surrender and addition of myself to your lot so I can build some siege equipment right on the edge to storm Heavens Reach's walls

Allow me the lot access and when I am done using the roads as staging points for a war on Heavens Reach I'll add you to all the road lots and leave them to you.

Let me know.
General Pontiferous Of Magnus!

Now, that's just playing dirty!  :)


Jonno does actually need king_j10_a though, or it kind of messes up his plans, in all seriousness. He was planning on connecting lots, to make a bigger town.

I have been trying to acquire the lots for 2 weeks now, and actually paid (kev) for the other lot already.  I gave One Above All, half the uncs to pay for his lot so we could expand the city both directions. losing these two road lots also will kill the plans for the grand subway from One's lot to mine, to Manica's.

After being ripped off on the lot already, I dont want to keep adding more people. This isn't war, its dirty.

Cant surrender. Pine and I forged a peace plan, and have become allies. I am not that type of man that can sell out just because of a setback. So I guess I will just forget about the expansion plans for the city.

Do you really want to win a war this way Psiber? I thought you a worthy, noble adversary. Not someone that would fight for a dirty victory.

Heaven's Reach shall not fall to you in this way. Nor shall Shanmullagh!




Yeah dude! Go install a shower, you smell too much!

Mmmm dirty victories my favorite.

Seeing as Heavens Reach valued its pretty outlook more than it valued it's freedom from oppression, it seems I have won the day.

Accordingly with prior terms of surrender, jonno now has access rights.

Thanks Psiber. It was getting out of hand.

As soon as kev submits the ticket and Unc transfers that lot to me, would you be willing to sell me those 3 street lots? I would like to be able to add everyone who is part of the build, and would be willing to pay 1000 uncs for each of them as a measure of gratitude. Nice little profit for you, and it allows myself and everyone else to move forward with our expansion plans.


Honestly I'd just as soon give you the lots.

It's not like 3k uncs is really that much :)