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Hey Unc!

Sorry Unc. Working 14 hour shifts right now while the world is crazy, and just saw this on a free moment at work. King N15 was my original Kingdom lot and I gave it to Bugsy Danny a while back to be rebuilt, and it looks like Bugs is about to hit a reset. Apparently with the way the prices escalate now, I cant afford to call dibs to get it back if they dont log in soon.

Anything that can be done to make sure I can get that lot back so I can fix it up to its former glory? lol.

Thanks for anything you can do Unc. I appreciate it!



Is their donor status not protecting that lot? Their profile says they still have nearly a year left

Their donor status is protecting their lot. You can see that Vixengold's lot is also yellow, since May last year.

OK cool! I was worried that the original city I started with would be lost.

Thanks Unc.