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Greetings mortals.

Unfortunately I will be taking a short hiatus from the server. It's not fun for me at the moment, particularly as those I thought were friends are too busy to play with me. If I wanted to play by myself I would play single player, no? It would seem also that you are rewarded based on who you know, and not what you do for the server, and this has made me quite sad.

I have not been as active lately due to this feeling, and also due to work, and illness. We had a new store opening just recently, which I transferred to, in addition to training a whole bunch of people, including my replacement at the other store. I've had an emotional time at home as well, and Uncovery was my haven until just recently, when i discovered that my "friends" are not so, and any hard work I put into helping others will not be rewarded. I have been highly stressed with work and home, and this has now led to me being quite unwell, to the point of depression.

So for now farewell, I will continue to vote and pop on occasionally until I feel a bit better about things, and then I will be back.


Wow, I hope it isn't me, come back soon! :)

hope you feel better love!

I hope you come back soon. You are such a valued and respected player on Uncovery. I dont know who you are referring to with the "friends" thing, but I want you to know you are one of the kindest and sincere people I have met through Uncovery. :)

The people involved know who they are, and don't you worry little Gypsy, you're all good, thankyou for the kind words :) I never disappear for too long these days, just need a short break to refocus is all.

:( We will miss you. And look forward to welcoming you back.

I hope that the fact that I don't know what you are talking about means I am not one of them? Hope you come back Khy. You are always welcome to help out and build in any of my cities! I would love to have some Khy influence in my towns!

I'm on a (too) long hiatus myself, so I don't even know what's going on on the server at the moment :D but I just have to say that I'm so much with thegypsyminer on this one. khyddi, you're on my top 3 nicest persons on uncovery, and I can't imagine a reason someone would not like to hang out with you on the server. I hope you'll be active too once I will be someday. I also hope you'll feel better after a moment off the server!

You're one of my favoritestest peeps on the server! *hug* hope you come back soon. I'll be waitin for ya :)

Wow, khydd. I'm also not sure what you're talking about there, so I hope it isn't me. Sorry I haven't been on much to talk to you, but I hope you have a good break. We will all see you when you return. :)

Small update!

Work has been hectic, as predicted. Opening day went well, though I had to pop back to the other store twice because they are stupid. It has calmed down a little, however we are now starting to get into the Christmas mode, which means we are now getting a lot busier. To give you all some perspective, we earn more in October, November and December combined, than we do the rest of the year in total. That's how busy we get. I'm being relied on by the boss to run a particular section known as the Front Line to us at work... aka the tills. Whenever i'm in, i'm in charge of that. I have minions! It all come with stress of course, but that's life right?

My personal life hit a new low today, but I wont go into it. Suffice to say, it has sucked the fun out of literally everything.

I will continue to pop on as much as I can. Know that I miss you all, quite a lot!

*hugs* to all :D


All the best to you Kyddin, it's better to have too much business than not enough (and being in danger to have suddenly too much time available to spend on uncovery).

Yay minions though! :D