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Hiring Workers for Kingdom Build

Hello Uncoverians!

Ever want to work on a group build with other players? Find your empire lot too small to accomplish this? Find the kingdom lots too expensive? Well, have I got news for you!! We are currently recruiting workers for our kingdom build! No purchase necessary :) Want some details? Done:

WANTED: Road Builder

JOB DESCRIPTION: gather materials to construct a road that fits the theme of our lot and then build it!

PROMOTION POTENTIAL: successful completion of this job will put you in line for joining our actual kingdom lots!!

TRAVELING: As Settlers, we can not port you to our lot... Walking will be required. We will not pay for relocation expenses.

QUALITIES: must be a hard worker, a good communicator, and a regular builder :)

See Scarovese, Crstl, or Psychodrea for more information.

Hey Scar, I would love to help. I work hard and commit to my jobs. I would gladly walk to your lot (I have to walk ALL the time :3) and it sounds fun. Please tell me if I am able to help. :D



I wasn't sure to ask you here or in the game, so I put it here.

Yeah, here's probably better right now as I am at work! We will be reviewing candidates this evening, so I'll get in touch with you soon! Thanks for your interest!

I would like to help. Just one question, what is the theme of your town?

This seems like a very fun job to do, and i would be happy to help in anyway i can!

Hey everyone! Thanks for asking about our project. We are currently building (on our two Kingdom lots) a luxury resort. We have a main conference center, large rustic lodge, 9 hole golf course, ice rink, deluxe underground storage and a pirate cove with under water reef(still in progress) we are also currently working on private bungalows. Future plans include monorail (still checking into this) system, jungle safari, lush gardens and a massive beach front hotel.

Tippy, I tried to talk to you in game but you logged before I could finish what I was doing. Scar is on a backup computer this week so he is even slower than usual, I mean.. his computer is even slower than usual so he may or may not talk to you this week :)

Heading home today, but I won't be back online until Thursday morning. Crstl and I got most everything ironed out, so she can be your point of contact. Tippy and Tymann, you both have a set of mats chosen for you and a road lot assigned to you. We can give you a basic idea of what we want, but ultimately the design and construction is up to you. We'd like to see a basic idea by the end of the weekend and then we can get together to decide on the next deadline. Let us know id you have any questions and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Electric, Crstl and I will talk about possibly buying another road lot, but two was the original plan. I'll be in touch about whether or not we'll need your assistance on this particular project. Regardless, we will certainly keep you in mind for future builds on this lot!

to any others, we are no longer accepting applications. Thank you, and look for more job postings in the future!!