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Horses in the Subway

I know its hard to transport laggy/glitchy horses across the kingdom world. Many people have wanted to try and use the subway as a safe way to transport them. Its a good idea to do. That being said, I am not going to change my subway station every time someone wants to bring a horse out of the subway in Eagle bay. Sorry but the building is built and I am not going to change it. In order for me to get horses out of the subway I have to break down whole walls because of the size needed for a horse to get through. I did it once and now that I know what a pain it is, I will not be doing it again. If you really want a horse and you are in the area of Eagle Bay then let me know, I have a couple, send me a message and maybe I can breed you one. Sorry about the trouble this may cause people, but I don't feel like going through all that trouble myself.

Feel free to use the rest of the subway to get you around with horses though. I think all other exits are big enough to allow it, and it will get you close to spawn, but yeah, that has to be rough knowing how Pag's subway station is built.

I think this is a great Idea. Horses are seemingly useless and many people have horses, saddles and horse armor just sitting around. I'd love to take a horse out from time to time. If other people feel the same way I do this could also stimulate the economy for Unc and the players. Unc would sell more horses, removing uncs from the system, and players would buy more horse accessories.

It definitely would boost the uncs being taken out of the system. New users would hear about the tunnels and think: I should get a horse! Both Kingdom and Empire subway systems, as far as I know, are large enough to support horses. Entrances and exits are still a bit iffy, but can be dealt with.

I will work on the exits to the empire subway to allow for horses to use them, I may have to widen the tunnels don't want any collisions between horses and minecarts.

Mmmm.. Have you all tried.. PIGS!?!

I have saddles, and tons of fishing rods, therefore. Pigs!