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Ice Boat Slide in Kingdom


I finally have made my downhill Ice Boat Slide fully functionnal.

It's located on the hills of King_m3 and here's a pic of it:


  • Railways connection between start and arrival
  • Boat dispenser at the start
  • Synchro start gate
  • Winner isolation arrival
  • Hopper chronometer (requires lot right to check result and reset for new race)
  • Beds at the start and arrival (site is lit but some mob still spawn around at night)

If you're interested, drop a message below and I'll add you to the lot.

My personnal best is 55 items.

"Running" doesn't make the boat faster, so forget that key and focus on the direction.

I took a ride on it- very cool!

Congrats for making it there, it's a bit remote, I haven't linked it to the railways yet ;p

Should be on this weekend. Gonna check it out!

Well, I'll definitely visit it the next time I'm online.

Since it proved fun to ride, I have started to built a full Monza F1 track mockup to drift on, it's just a couple of blocks south-east from the downhill slide, in King_l4. The track is already functionnal, with boat dispensers for unauthorized players (I have authorized a bunch of people already), be welcome to practise on it for as long as you want :)

There's also a chronometer that uses a hook trap on the finish line, it will record time between 2 successive activations.. you need lot rights to open the chest and check the result/reset the chrono.