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I'm gonna be back.. I messed up

So... I feel like I rushed my decision to resign. I truly feel like I need to stay part of the server. I will not be on often until summer. I messed up thinking I was going to leave. You will not see me on often though. My bad to anyone who read my entry below. The reason I called it goodbye was the section is called "Hello and Goodbye". I definitely dunned up, my bad. I really do not wanna be known as one of those people who say their going to leave and then comeback. Let's just call this a short "break". :)

Sincerely, Thegypsyminer

It'll be nice to see you back

Thanks will! :)

Well then I will be the first to say.... Welcome back to Uncovery. We missed you. Even if it was a few days.

Thanks Vixen! :)

Welcome back gipsy, huehuehue