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In memoriam - Shipa

Shipa (April 2002 - February 15, 2019)

Mistress of purring, fierceness unalloyed. Rest in peace, dear friend.

Shipa, 2008

Sleep is thy duty,
Life is thy feast.
A vicious beauty,
A charming beast.
Pray bless my dwelling
With sight of thine -
To err is human,
to purr feline.

Thy dreams unbroken,
Both dark and keen -
Of worlds unspoken,
Of prey unseen.
Thy whiskers' silver,
Thy eyes divine.
To err is human,
to purr feline.

Thy growls of ire,
Thy steps of grace,
Thy songs of fire,
Thy warm embrace.
Shall last forever
Thy stay benign -
To err is human,
to purr feline.

So sorry for your loss.  CRY

R.I.P ;(

A furry friend that inspires such a lovely eulogy must be quite special to you.

I hope the pain of your loss dulls in time, but never the memories.

@VixenGold, @Ninjasaurus_, @trueharlequin

Thanks for your kind words. Indeed, she was special to our family. We took her in 2004, as a companion for our tomcat, Stepan (died of cancer in 2016). She was the first cat that I saw grieving death of Stepan - for two months she was visiting his favorite hideouts and places of rest several times a day - was looking for him; called him sitting at a front door. Strong personality; both mischievous  and fierce. She was suffering from infrequent epileptic seizures since 2013, but still remained optimistic and open-hearted (I know it's a popular fallacy to assign human emotions to cats).

The cats we adopted after Shipa were also taken from animal shelters (those are cats either thrown away or abandoned by other people).