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Japanese City Build

For awhile now i have been wanting to make a feudal japan city in the kingdom. I have made a very small amount of progress. i have only a little amount of my lot flattened. Once  a flat area has been made,  building of the whole city can be started.  Once lot is flattened sending me designs  for approval will be required.   I have very little restriction in the sense of design of the buildings they just need to look cool and fit the type of city.  Most builds of the city will be  made of wood materials but if i think the design fits the feel of the city i am okay with deviating with some.  If you are interested  in helping respond here. As i am only a designer i cannot tp you to the lot so walking will most likely be required. hoping to start in the next few days.

Oh yea all ranks welcome!

i would love to join!! sound great. when are we starting ?


Hoping to start tomorrow as I am pretty busy today.

Be sure to check out /warp Japan in the city world and see what has been built previously.  There are some very nice builds and some good ideas in there.  With newer blocks, you should be able to add a whole new level of detail to what had been previously made.

I look forward to seeing what you guys can do.  This is a style I am particularly interested in and one of the large builds in the city/Japan region is mine, as well.

Great idea and best of luck!